Welcome to my site! I’m an apple iPhone/iPad app developer and website programmer.

Check out my News Page for all of the latest updates including a TV appearance, press releases and a feature article on the Stanford University Online High School website.

I write apps for the App Store. Check out my latest app, Omni Study, which is written in 7 languages and has over 40,000 downloads. It is #3 for Productivity Apps in the US Apple App store and it is in the top 20 for best new apps, too!Icon Large

Fill out the contact form if you are interested in an app for your business or if you need support with an app. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be as detailed as possible.

“What matters most to me is pursuing my passions and doing what I love in life. At an early age, I found what I love to do — developing software for consumers. As a student, there is a very special moment when I am struggling to understand a concept in class and all of a sudden everything clicks. There is a similar moment in computer science — the feeling of making a breakthrough in the design or functionality (or both) of an application. What motivates me towards these breakthroughs is that I love what I do and I love the end products that I create. It’s what allows me to make great applications too, because if I didn’t truly love programming applications then I wouldn’t have a desire to push through the hard days. My passion and love for software development are so closely tied. Without a love for it I wouldn’t want to wake up and do it everyday and without loving the products that I make software development couldn’t be my passion.” –Nicholas Doherty